Penelope Peach – Bible Study Girl Fucks at Church Party 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 26:54
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Super hot custom! No name used. Description from client:

Scene opens with you sitting in your bed kinda waiting in anticipation For your best friend to come join you.

He comes in and sits down on the bed. You start talking about how lame church parties are and how you’ve got to show him what real fun looks like. You tell him he can’t share this with anyone and you start sharing a detailed story of how you had sex at one of the other parties you went to. (You’re unintentionally turning him on with the details of how you turned this other guy on and how he kissed on you, squeezed your tits, fingered you, and then how good his dick tasted, felt, etc.) remind your best friend not to tell anyone though. That would get you thrown out of the youth group.

Then you kinda pause and look at your best friend and seductively tell him you’ve kinda noticed how he looks at you. How he stares at your cleavage any time you wear a low cut shirt to church. Or how you saw him staring at you at his pool party.

Then ask him if he’s ever seen a girl naked before… then ask him if he wants to. Tell him it will be ok. No one will know. Then be like here… I’ll just take my shirt off. The. You slowly take your shirt off and be like oh my god, you’re getting so hard! It’s kinda sexy. Want to see my tits? I know you’ve been looking at them for years I bet you can’t wait to see them naked. Then you take your bra off. And squeeze your tits and stuff. Then you basically tell your friend to take his pants off and give him some sexy jerk off instructions while he watches you continue to take your clothes off. Then you tell him you wanna try something and you put some lube on your tits and pussy and finger yourself and play with your tits while you continue to give him Jerk off instructions.

Then you tell him you want to feel him inside of you and tell him you want him so fucking bad you tell him you just want to tease your pussy with his dick and the.

***Wide enough shot to be able to see you. You’re facing the camera.***

You just sort of grind your pussy up and down his shaft and then slowly build up to gently edging his dick inside. Then you ride the dick with your lubed tits bouncing around while you moan about how good he feels. And you play with your tits some too while your fucking him.

***Close up shot of you***

Then you ask him if he wants to try something else. Then we see you put some more lube on your tits, and his dick and you squeeze your tits play with your nipples and get them all hard while you say things like I know you love my tits. You like watching me get my nipples all hard for you. You like seeing me squeeze them for you. Do you want to feel wrap my tits around your throbbing cock. Then you wrap your lubed tits around his dick squeezing them together with both hands not so tight that your totally covering your cleavage with your hands though. And you slide up and down his dick slowly and building speed. Then you occasionally take it out to suck it a little and stroke his dick a little. Then you go back to tittyfucking faster and talking dirty , moaning saying things like oh yeah baby fuck my tits. If feels so good.

Maybe do it like 3x tittyfuck, tease tell him not to cum yet, tittyfuck, tease tell him not to cum yet, and on the last tittyfuck you do it for a bit and beg him to cum for you. He drenches your tits with cum you rub it all over to your tits and on your nipples

To close the video out, tell him you want to do it again. But he better not tell anyone. Basically this is going to be their secret thing they do at church parties.

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