Peachy Skye – The Djinns Blessing

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Duration: 18:22s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: ROLE PLAY

You have just released a Djinn from it’s prison and as a token of it’s gratitude, it leaves you with a gift. You start growing, bulging out of your clothes and ripping them to shreds.. just as your hot neighbour comes down to borrow your power drill. Your neighbour is taken aback by what’s happening, she’s never seen anything quite like this but oh my.. you just look and smell so good and she soon falls under your spell. She can’t stop feeling your bulging body, abs and.. wow.. that cock just keeps growing! You play with her for a while, making her cum with your mouth and then finally she begs for that giant cock. You oblige and make her cum several times.. she knows her husband can probably hear you from upstairs but she’s given up caring, she only wants you and that HUGE cock.

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