Olivia Rose – Fartecutrix

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Duration: 10:59s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

Good, you’re awake now. You’re probably wondering where you are and what is happening. I was contracted by your wife to make you suffer. I usually don’t take domestic cases, but after looking into your background a little further I found out just who you are, and I have to tell you, you’re a bad, bad man. I take care of bad men like you. I usually off them in a more conventional way, but after finding out about all the crimes you have committed and ethics you ****, I thought the best way to rid you from this world would be to gas you out of it. I have made grown men such as yourself shriek in torment from the smell and potency of my flatulence before. If I weren’t immune to all of my noxious farts, I would be in the same position as you. I am going to smother you in my juicy, smelly farts until you can’t breathe anymore and **** on the fumes. My ass gas will be the last thing you, smell taste, and breath in. With every fart, you will become weaker and weaker until you close your eyes and never wake up. I am your worst nightmare. I am your fartecutrix!

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