Nina Crowne – Medical Interrogation and Revenge

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Duration: 17:43s
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I know what you tried to do on our date, and you fucked with the wrong woman. I know you tried to put something in my cocktail so I switched them when you went to the bathroom, and now you’re helpless, strapped down to my medical table. I put on my full medical gear (surgical mask, surgical gloves, eye guard, scrubs) to observe you while it works through your system, it’s a good thing I’m a doctor and trained for this. We’re going to play a little game while we wait…I’ll ask you a question, and if you lie to me (and I know you will), I’ll rip out one of your teeth with my dental tools. After the interrogation is over, I pull on a pair of elbow length latex surgical gloves and lube them up. You like to fuck people when they feel like this, so I’m going to teach you what it feels like. Do you think my whole fist will fit up there? Even after all this, knowing the revenge I’m getting, you’re still hard. I guess you’re just a lost cause. A useless man. My exam isn’t over yet. I lube up a thermometer and stick in deep in your urethra, testing the head with my dental tools to see if you’re really feeling the pain. When I start to milk your prostate, you cum immediately. It’s so pathetic I can’t help but decide to castrate you. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing, I’ve done this many times before.

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