Nathaniela – Worshipping My Fuzzy Armpits With the Hunger of an Addict

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Duration: 14:27s
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I know how weak you are for sexy women with hairy armpits and know how much you crave for my armpits, little sniffer! You are such a filthy pervert! Worship my armpits and show me your appetite for them! I want you throbbing for my beautiful armpits. Imagine your nose right here, sniffing again and again and your tongue flicking all over on my pits. Taking my bra off will make you crave them too. Flick your tongue once more from my armpits to my nipples, while you play with your balls. I bet you are so close to cum, wondering where would you choose to do it, on my breasts of on my pits. Stroke it harder and faster, I want a big load dripping from pits to boobs. I want to feel it, so give it to me. Milk your cock and spread that cum all over my pits and boobs!

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