Natashas Bedroom – Verbal Sadist

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Duration: 14:27s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Think of this clip as a motivational seminar. I’m going to build your self-esteem today. How nice of me! This humiliation session is going to be a real confidence booster that will leave you looking in the mirror saying, “I can do it!” Now, if that’s true, then why is this clip called “verbal sadist”? I’m not building your self-esteem in the traditional sense. Why would I? You’re worthless, after all. True self-esteem is for the strong. I’m building your LOSER self esteem; I’m pumping up your beta bitch boy motivation. What you think of yourself doesn’t matter. Your thoughts don’t matter. YOU don’t matter one bit. The esteem in which I hold you is the only thing that counts. I tell you what your value is. I tell you who you are, what you are, and who you will be. More importantly, I take pleasure in it. I’m a verbal sadist, reveling in the joy of showing you exactly what you’re worth and relishing the act of tearing you down to even lower depths.

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