Natashas Bedroom – Truth and Dare Blackmail-Fantasy

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Duration: 28:35s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Are you up for a dare, blackmail-fantasy bitch? Or are you ready to confess some embarrassing truths to me? OR are you brave enough to do both? Get ready to play a game of blackmail-fantasy Truth AND Dare! In each round, I’ll give you a truth option and a dare option. The truth questions will be embarrassing but not totally terrifying. The dare options will require you to be a little bit more…well, daring. Some rounds will be riskier than others. Your job in each round is to pick truth, dare, or do BOTH. The biggest blackmail-fantasy bitches will have seven dares AND seven truths to send me today. Will you be one of them? I dare you!

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