Natasha’s Bedroom – This Task Is Only For Losers 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 22:36
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

When you read the title for this clip, what happens? A little light switches on in your brain. The word “loser” invokes an innate flash of self-recognition. You snap right into it. You know immediately that I’m talking about YOU. So what awaits you? Am I going to call you “loser” over and over for 20+ minutes? Yes and no. Name calling in and of itself doesn’t cut deep enough. I’m going to crawl right into your brain and cut away every other part of your identity, until you’re reduced to nothing but a loser. And I’ll do it so subtly, so skillfully, that you won’t even have a chance to resist. You’re MY loser, and I will mold you into NOTHING but Loser. No individuality, no personhood, just Loser. Assimilated and obedient.But what I’ve written above is superfluous. You don’t even need to read this description or drool over the preview gif to decide if this is for you. You’ve been summoned, and you can’t resist. You have no choice but to plunge down the depths of my humiliating control. It’s the loser compulsion.

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