Natasha’s Bedroom – Premature Cum Eater CEI 1920×1050 HD

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Duration: 13:16
Quality: 1920x1050

Do you know what I love about premature ejaculators? You’re so easy to take advantage of. Quick cummers are easy targets to exploit for my amusement. Here, I’ll show you exactly what I mean. Just lie down on your back, grip that premature dick in your hand, and wait for me to say STROKE. All premature ejaculators will get a creamy, cummy treat today!Ready, set, STROKE! You don’t have to jizz in your mouth today…as long as you make it through just a couple of minutes of nonstop stroking. Be careful not to explode as my bodysuit drops to the ground and my bare naked body teases you from every angle. All it takes is some ejaculatory endurance to avoid a big explosion of cum from landing right in your own mouth. But you can’t help it. You’re a premature ejaculator, so you lose control. That hot stream of jizz shoots onto your tongue, whether you want it to or not. What happens next? You’ll see.

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