Natashas Bedroom – Inflatable Buttplug Training

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Duration: 21:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We’re going to engage in some INTENSE anal training today. Are you ready to be expanded and inflated from the inside? To have one of the most extreme, full body orgasms of your life? Take out your inflatable buttplug, stroke your cock, and get ready to surrender your hole to me. I’m going to show you just how good it feels to cum while you’re totally stuffed, inflated, and stretched out. Stroke your cock, and pump up that plug. Pump, pump, pump! Blow your ass up. Savor the way it feels to have your asshole expanded so intensely. It feels ****. Depraved. So deep and wide. And so fucking hot that you’re just desperate to cum. The balloon inside of you gets bigger and bigger…until I instruct you to deflate halfway. Now you can *really* tell how much I’ve already stretched you out. I pump you back up, with rounds of deflation followed by progressively intensifying inflation. The mix of sensations is overwhelming. Your cock is hard as can be, your prostate is mind-blowingly stimulated, and you’re loving every second of this depravity. Once you’re all stretched out, fully inflated within, my cum countdown begins. THIS is going to be an orgasm unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before…

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