Natashas Bedroom – Bratty Humiliation JOI

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Duration: 25:41s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’ve given you so many sweet, sensual JOI clips. I’ve given you so much more than you deserve. But you know what? That was just a ****. A sweet little honey **** to lure you into addiction, and now it’s time to face reality. Now it’s time to get what you deserve. This is my bitch side. My bratty, cruel side. This is how I really feel about you. You don’t have to suffer this abuse. If you have any self-esteem or self-control left, just press stop. Turn away and watch something sensual. Still watching? That’s what I thought. Jerking feels even better when I’m abusing you. You’re a glutton for humiliation. You’re just my virtual punching bag. You can’t stop yourself because you know you deserve it. The more debasement you receive, the more you crave. It’s a vicious cycle that I’m more than happy to take advantage of. You’re a natural born beta. A natural born bitch. Stroke and stroke, not for your pleasure, but for the purpose of obeying me. Rub it hard and raw as you take in every syllable of my degrading verbal abuse. You thought I was sweet, didn’t you? Stupid boy.

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