NatalieDarling – Work Out Socks

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Duration: 12:14s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Are you staring at my sneakers while I’m working out? Do you have a foot fetish or something? HAHA! You do!!!? So you’re obsessed with feet? Disgusting. I’ve met men like you before and I know exactly what you like. First you have to prove to me that you’re loyal to my feet by licking the dirt on the bottom of my sneakers! You are a fucking pathetic loser for doing that. HAHAHA! I slowly peel off my sneakers to reveal the intense stench of my feet! You get the first sniff! Inhale deeply and exhale slowly the sexy aroma. After working out my feet are orgasmic smelling. I want you to stroke your little cock for my sweaty feet! If you do a decent job worshiping my feet… then maybe… just maybe.. I’ll let you do it again.

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