Ms Cakes – Stroke for my Smooth Sweaty Armpits

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Duration: 7:17s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Custom vid (no names used). I just got done with an intense workout at the gym, so I’m all hot and sweaty now. Just look at all the sweat dripping down my neck, boobs, and especially my armpits! Hehe, I guess I forgot to put on deodorant this morning, so that explains why they’re so wet and smelly… but you don’t mind, right? In fact, it only makes them even more irresistible to you! Luckily I did remember to shave them today, so they’re extra smooth and sensitive – just the way you like them. I know you’re just dying to lick and worship my smooth sweaty armpits, aren’t you? So go ahead and run your warm, wet tongue all over them, savouring the delicious taste of my armpit sweat. I can see that your cock is getting really hard, so I want you to stroke it for me as you continue licking and sniffing my dirty armpits. I take off my sports bra and then lay down on the bed so you can get on top of me and alternate burying your tongue deep inside each of my armpits. I talk dirty to you and encourage you to keep licking and stroking harder and faster, ending with a countdown for you to cum with your tongue still on my armpit

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