Molly Darling – Mommy Alien Impregnation

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Duration: 10:7s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Mommy is in bed when a loud noise suddenly awakens her. She looks at her phone and sees that a meteorite has hit the earth. She feels unsettled so gets up and starts doing some tidying to distract her mind. Suddenly something goes up her leg and into her panties. She tries to fight it off but it’s too late the alien creature has made its way inside of her. She is really scared at first but as the creature wriggles deep inside of her, her fear turns to pleasure as she moans in bliss and has an explosive orgasm. She looks down at herself to find her stomach bulging out.. before she can do anything her eyes roll back into her head as the alien she has been impregnated with tampers with her brain. Mommy’s brain has been taken over and her pregnant body is a host for the alien to use to find what it needs to grow… human cum. Who better to use than Mommy’s own son. Alien Mommy finds you in your room unaware of what has happened to her. You are alarmed by her sudden pregnant appearance.. but she wont allow you to ask any questions. She wants you to listen and do as you’re told.. like a good son should. You’re going to give Mommy exactly what she needs… your cum. She strips out of her sexy clothes, exposing her huge pregnant belly and swollen tits. She climbs on top of you and rides your cock until you drain every last drop of cum into her pussy. You’ve helped the new alien race more than you can ever know!

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