Molly Darling – Girlfriend Puts You In Chastity Cuckold

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Duration: 20:5s
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Your girlfriend has gotten herself all dressed up ready for her night out with her friends. She comes to you and shows you her outfit. She knows how much you love seeing her like that and even more so, she knows how much you love her getting attention from other men when she’s out. Now she wants to take it to the next level. She pulls out a little surprise – a cock cage!! You’re excited and want to try it on so she puts it on you. Now she has the key and you’re her proper little cuck. You will have to everything she says if you want to get released from your chastity cage. She leaves to go out. After her night out, your girlfriend comes home to you. She’s had an amazing time! She tells you a little about what she got up to but now she has an even bigger surprise. A guy she had been flirting with at the bar is downstairs and she wants his huge cock to fill her whilst you sit and watch. She gets until some sexy lingerie and invites him in. You sit with your poor cock caged whilst she rides his big cock until he’s about to burst and fills her pussy with cum. He gives her a nice creampie, which oozes out when she pulls off of his cock. If you want to get out of your cage, you’re going to have to be a very good boy and clean up all this mess.

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