Molly Darling – Giantess Threatens Vore Multiple Angle 1080p

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Duration: 05:13
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Mouth play, lip play, tongue play, red lipstick, close ups, small figure used throughout, no spoken dialogue – just mouth sounds. Giantess threatens to eat you. Starting in a side profile view, she places you on her lips and wraps her big lips around your body. She pulls you into her mouth and toys with you, pushing you in and out of her mouth and on the tip of her tongue. She turns her head to face straight on and continues playing with your body. Camera angle slowly progresses closer for a close-up of the face and mouth then finally a close up of the mouth only where the inside of her mouth is very clear. The final angle is against a mirror so you can see the side profile and straight on reflected in the mirror whilst the Giantess continues to tease and play with you on her tongue and lips.

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