Molly Darling – Gentle Giantess Threatening Vore 1080p

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Duration: 05:29
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Gentle Giantess Playfully Threatening Vore Scene starts slow movement to show off each side profile, with lip licking. Change to POV from tiny man looking up at the Giantess, extreme close up. She looks around, then notices you, licks her lips and opens her mouth wide to show you the inside of her mouth/back of throat. She leans in slowly, ready to swallow you up. Small figure is used on a table and a side angle of the Giantess leaning over and picking you up with her lips and tongue. A front on shot shows her playfully teasing as you are helpless on her tongue, moving around her mouth. Final scene, the tiny man is on a sheet of glass and the Giantess leans in from above to pick you back up with her mouth. More teasing of the figure on her tongue and in her mouth. **Macro lens close up, slow movement, no dialogue.

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