Molly Darling – Filthy Ex Cucks You With Your Brothers

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Your cheating ex-girlfriend has just come over, she sits and takes her shoes off.. you can see up her skirt and her panties look really wet.. there’s also something running down her thighs. You know exactly where she’s been.. with your two brothers. You broke up after you found out that she had been fucking them both behind your back but you still can’t help yourself and always beg for her to come over and fuck you. She loves telling you all about her time with your brothers, how they tag team her and double penetrate her holes. She’s already full of so much cum from them that your tiny little dick fits in perfectly. She leans in to your ear whilst riding you and whispers filth in your ear [asmr whispering style] that she knows you will love. She’s such a filthy slut. Your little dick is inadequate for her but she is always happy to come and help you out.. as long as she can get her fill of big dicks first. She rides you cowgirl and reverse, so you can rip a hole in her pantyhose and imagine what it would be like to be your brothers.. taking one hole each at the same time. After fucking and all the dirty talking you can’t hold it anymore and you release your cum inside of her. She does her favourite trick of cleaning the cum off your little dick and then she makes you clean her up. So much cum pours out of her pussy. She gets up and puts her clothes back on.. and those cum filled panties. She sits back down and tells you how good she feels to be looking after all 3 brothers. Even the little dick one. She has some news to share too.. Perhaps one day she can convince your brothers to let you watch her getting tag teamed whilst you sit in a teeny tiny chastity cage? She knows how much you would love that.

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