Molly Darling – Angry Giantess Threatens Tiny Man 1080p

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Duration: 10:17
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Giantess fetish – crushing fantasy – tiny person – talking role play We live in a world where 3 inch people exist amongst regular sized humans. The small people consider us “normal sized” people, Giants and Giantesses. I so happen to be a Giantess who has a big dislike for tiny men. I’m going about my day when I notice something in the floor, it’s a puny man! He’s come into my house to come and confront me about the fact he saw me squish one of his friends. He’s made a big mistake as I’m not going to let him leave. I laugh at him, make fun of him and tell him all the ways I’m going to have fun tormenting him by squeezing, crushing and even putting him in my mouth. All filmed POV of small man looking up at me.

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