Misty Meaner – Stepmom Likes To Take Naughty Risks Pt 1

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I’ve had a crush on my stepmom from the beginning and one morning when we were both in the kitchen it happened. Something came over me and while I was brush past her to get my breakfast I pushed my rock hard morning wood into her ass. She reacted and started to say something but I said I was sorry for bumping her and she took it at that. The next morning I did it again and she reacted the same way but with a little more irritation. This continued over the next couple of mornings till one more when I did it she spun around and warned me that if I kept playing my little morning bump and grind game that I might get a reaction from her im not expecting. I didn’t take her warning to heart and the next morning I did it to her while she was wearing her fluffy bathrobe. She spun around and told me that she was done with all that, she said my dad was upstairs in the bathroom so I should just whip it out. I was shocked and asked her if she was serious and with angry tone she said yes and told me to whip it out again! I did as I was told and she looked at and then back to me, she said she wanted to get this out of my system! She asked if I was done with all this and with my cock still out and hard I asked her if she could touch it. She looked a little surprised with my dad right upstairs that I would ask that, she reluctantly said yes if it would get me to behave myself. She grabbed some vegetable oil from the counter then took of her robe saying she didn’t want to get anytihg on it. She was only wear her bra and panties and somehow that got me even harder. Having my stepmom jerk off me off in the kitchen wearing only her underwear while my dad was upstairs was amazing. Right as I was blowing my load I realized how much she was turned on by what she was doing and I knew we would be doing more stuff in the future! This is part 1 of My Stepmom Likes To Take Naughty Risks, this series stars Miss Demeanor. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Wife Risky CFNM Handjob Scene!

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