Misty Meaner – School Bully Seduces You with Tickles

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Duration: 12:59s
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Misty is the school slut who always gets her way. She’s been after you the whole semester since youre popular and the star of the football team, but you have a girlfriend you’re faithful too. Misty has other ideas…you cave in to hanging out with her thinking it will be a one time thing and she will lay off, but when she gets you alone in her room she begins to undress and show you her ass…you are still resisting but she presses on. Eventually throwing you on the bed, she remembers something she has heard at school….that you have a certain fetish for tickling and feet. Once she remembers this she takes off her long socks and teases you with her feet, putting them in her mouth and licking them. You feel your resistance slipping…you can’t help but be mesmerized by her perfect feet and wet toes. When she starts to tickle you, you completely give in. Your cock is hard as she rubs her feet on your crotch and continues tickling you. She knows you want it now and pulls down your pants and gets on top of you, riding your cock while tickling you until you cum inside her.

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