Misty Meaner – Pervy Aunt takes Nephew for a Walk

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My nephew has been depressed since his GF broke up with him. He hasn’t been leaving his room all day and only wants to play video games. His mom and dad are out of town so they call me over to look after him and encourage me to get him out of the house. I’m happy to do so since I love my nephew very much and want him to be happy, I pull him out of his room and abruptly shut the xbox off. We are going out into the daylight! He huffs and puffs but eventually obliges. As we start walking I’m basically pulling his mopey ass along as he drags his feet- I have an idea though, a little incentive to get him going faster. I drag him over to some bushes and pull out my tits, he is shocked but doesn’t say no, I ask him if he wants to touch them, to help him get over his silly ex gf. He does and his cock responds. I cant help but take it out of his pants and put it in my mouth, it’ll just be our little secret. I suck his dick in public and let him feel what my pussy is like, its better than his ex’s. He fucks me hard and cums in my pussy, even after I tell him to pull out since I’m not on birth control. Hope I dont get pregnant! His mom and dad would be pissed, but I guess they wouldnt have to know 😉

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