Misty Meaner – Mommy Winter Gives Misty a Timeout

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Duration: 10:18s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: MILF

Misty is hungry and comes out of her room past bed time to try to get a snack. She opens her moms door and sees mommy with uncle Miles! They are doing big adult things and Misty is confused, asking where daddy is! Mommy Winter is NOT PLEASED with Misty barging in on her, so she sends her to her room where she waits for punishment. Winter will not tolerate Misty’s behavior, and intends to slap it out of her. Slapping her face and pussy and knocking some sense into her. She pulls out a hitachi and makes Misty come over and over again until she is bent over and spanked, then diapered. If she can’t follow the big girl rules she won’t be treated like one. Misty is sent to the corner with a red bottom and diapered, in shame. Hope she learned her lesson!

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