Misty Meaner – Cheating on My Bf with His Brother

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Duration: 27:38s
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My boyfriend was out running errands and I was hanging out with his younger brother at home. We’ve been sneaking around for awhile behind his back so I figured this was an opportunity to get in a quickie, I know it’s wrong but I love his brother dick and he always gives me great cumshots. I suck his dick and we fuck, he cums all over my face, tongue and down my throat RIGHT when my boyfriend walks in. He’s super pissed off but decides to just bro it out with his brother and hate fuck me with him. I’m slapped, thrown around and spit roasted by both of them…I could tell he was really trying to teach me a lesson. I know I’m in trouble but this doesnt feel like punishment as I cum all over both their dicks and get two huge loads all over me.

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