Mistress Lucy Khan – Pow Training- Sounding And Submission

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Duration: 15:41
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Look at My helpless captive–no arms, no legs, just a bound gimp quietly awaiting its turn to be useful to Me! I’ve been keeping him in solitary confinement so that he’s extra desperate for human contact. Makes Me wet to see a man so powerless, so defenseless against My wicked whims…and today what I feel like toying with is his eager little tongue! I’m going to train it to lick lick lick, and teach it that its only purpose is to service and worship Me. Talking and eating are off the table–the only thing that tongue is going to do from now on is wag and drool as it laps up the juices from between My legs. It’s so much fun to grind and glide over My captive’s gimp face in My tiny latex thong! And for added amusement, let’s see if he can keep up the pace as I toy with his dick! But this prisoner dick won’t be getting stroked or sucked–it’s getting FUCKED…or more accurately, IMPALED by My hard metal rod. Watch as I sound this throbbing cock with My stainless steel medical implements, using the most vulnerable part of his body as My personal entertainment device while his face acts as My personal seat cushion…

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