Mistress Lucy Khan – Not Worthy Of Our Attention Ft An Li

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Duration: 08:33
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Men are so fucking desperate it’s hilarious. An Li and I know that you’ll jerk off to anything, so we know that we don’t even need to give you ANY attention for you to give us your money. Instead, we catch up on our social media and chat casually, while we dangle our dirty stinky feet in your face! Before long, it’s obvious that you’ve become just a part of the scenery to Us, staring at us longingly but too shy to actually say or do anything. Sooooo pathetic. So yeah, you silent little pervert, why don’t you just go ahead and just jerk to us ignoring you then? You know you’ll never get any attention from Women like Us, so go ahead and whip it out! We’re so used to looking right past you that I bet we won’t even look in your direction when you blow your load…

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