Mistress Lucy Khan – Kicking My Soccer Coach In The Balls

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Duration: 08:34
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I have a big soccer match coming up and I just hired a new coach to help me get to the top of My game. His methods are a bit unconventional, but I’m happy to oblige if it promises to give Me an edge on My opponent. Instead of using regulation soccer balls, we perfect My touch by using much smaller targets…Dropping his pants to reveal the vulnerable sack hanging between his legs, I begin kicking his manhood repeatedly, seeing how many times I can strike it without putting My foot down. As our training session progresses, My kicks increase in intensity, and you see the muscles of My thighs flex as I back up for a running start. As an athlete trained to strike with power and accuracy, I am absolutely merciless when I make contact. BAM!!! You won’t believe how hard I bust My coach’s thoroughly used-up nuts with a smile of My face the whole time

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