Mistress Lucy Khan – Giantess Pov- Underboob Sweat Licker

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Duration: 12:07
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I just came home from the gym and I’m ready for My shrunken mini man slave to clean off all My sweat. You can see how much fluid I lost during My workout, so we can’t let it go to waste–you know I’m not trying to spend any money feeding your tiny minion ass lol! So here you go–bottoms up! Lick up all that sweat from My brow, from underneath My nostrils, and don’t forget that precious boob sweat either! Slurp it all up, because if I get the sense that you’re not grateful for the delicious drippings from My body that I generously grant you, I can simply let you waste away! It’s nothing more than crushing an insect to Me, honestly. I love taunting you with how I might crush you with various parts of My body too–My underboob, between My ass cheeks, with My giant unforgiving teeth–so many possibilities! I’m really a sadist at heart, so it’s while you’re shaking in your itty bitty boots that I make you do the most disgusting jobs–like licking the sweat from My between My pussy lips and making you dig out any ingrown hairs with your tiny little teeth. Be careful though–it’s slippery down there, and if you don’t be careful I just might “accidently” crush you with My giant round ass cheeks…

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