Mistress Lucy Khan – Bratty Dirty Panty Worship

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Duration: 07:46
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This video is for the pathetic losers of the world who are too chicken sh*t to talk to hotties like Us, but can’t help drooling all over themselves every time we walk by. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so! Sometimes it hurts to look into the mirror doesn’t it? Feel your cheeks flush and your humiliation build as An Li and I ruthlessly tear your loser ass apart–taunting you for the way you obviously worship the ground we walk on. But can you worship the dirty panties we sit on? HA! You wish! Yeah, I bet if we gave you half a chance, you’d bury your nose so deep in our asses, you’d become the posterchild for brownnosers…especially since you know a beta bitch like you has a ZERO percent likelihood of hooking up with girls like Us. So I guess sniffing our dirty panties is the closest you can get to being with Us, huh? Well, that’s WAY better than nothing–so open wide, you little bitch, you’re going to be our human laundry machine from now on. We’re going to sit here and laugh at you as we watch you suck on our filthy thongs with your wet little loser mouth…

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