Mistress Lucy Khan – Ass Addiction Financial Blackmail

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Duration: 08:18
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’ve just hired us at Alpha Alpha Financial to get your books in order, but when Lexa and I audited your books, we noticed some significant spending that was NOT approved by Us. It looks like you’ve been spending thousands of dollars a month at sites like Ass Addicts Anonymous…so is there something you’d like to tell us? Well if not, maybe we should just speak directly to your wife, I’m sure she’d find our discoveries VERY interesting. Oh, you don’t want us to do that? Please no? Well if you want your little ass addition to stay between the three of us, then you’re going to have to sign over control of your assets to your new accountants. I mean, between Lexa and I, we’ve got more ass than you can handle so all you have to do is follow our instructions and sign on the dotted line…it’s really that easy, so what are you waiting for?

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