Mistress Lucy Khan – Asian Supremacy Pov- Downsized 3

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Duration: 06:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You stupid white bitches. Thought you could try to escape from your Owners, did you? Well you thought wrong, cause in Our New Asia World Order, you have no choice but to be Daddy An Li and My little shrunken footbitches. That’s right, we’re so much bigger than you and so much smarter and more powerful in every way…look how easily we could smash you and your pathetic white families in a single step. Hahahahaha, you should just be grateful that we don’t do it right now! We only keep you around to worship Our superior feet anyways, making you eat it out from between our toes and soles. But you better do a good job, b/c if you don’t it’d be nothing to Us to use our sole to crush your soul…

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