Mistress Fleury – Incel CEI for Feminism Blackmail-Fantasy

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Duration: 14:8s
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Hello there pathetic little incel loser. I recognize you because you’re always lurking in the back of the Feminism 101 class I’m taking. I swear I have even seen you touching your disgusting little cock because you get so turned on…. and yet I see you ranting and raving online about how much you hate feminists and Women’s rights….. you’re a fucking joke. I’m going to make you give in to your urges which you work so hard to resist. I am going to make you cum for feminism. And because I know you’re going to be so embarrassed and ashamed after, I am going to record it so you can’t get all pissy and angry at Me. And just as the humiliating cherry on top, I make you eat your load at the end to really internalize what a little bitch for feminism you are.

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