Mistress Fleury – Censored Incel Incinerator

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Duration: 12:35s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

I see you. you’re such a sad, lonely, bitter little incel. you sit around making fun of simps and cucks for submitting to sexually liberated Feminists like Me who exploit and deny them. you tell yourself you’re better than them… but deep down you can see that even though they’re pussy free losers just like you, they are happy, and they are at peace with their beta identity. Aren’t you tired of wasting so much energy circle jerking with other angry incels in chatrooms? Don’t you want to experience first hand the way that My good boys get to feel pleasure vicariously through Me? I can fix you. I can change your life for the better. Take My red pill and open your mind to the liberating truth about who you are and where you belong. Stop letting these pathetic incel rejects in the chat rooms convince you you have to be miserable. you don’t. Say goodbye to incel life and hello to the life of being My blissful little beta simp. It’s going to feel SO much better..

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