Mistress An Li – Youre A Gay Now

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Duration: 6:31s
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Here we have a fine specimen of masculinity. A hot body, cute ass, but more importantly, look at that hard, virile cock. The cock you will never have. This hunky piece of man meat is so attractive to you, isn’t it? This long, hard shaft that I love to stroke, tease, and pleasure. I don’t blame you for liking what you see. After all, you get horny for what you can’t have (like me, obviously). And because you can’t have me, you’ll never be him, and therefore you will never be able to satisfy me sexually, I only see one possible option. You know where I’m going with this. You want that cock. You want to taste it. You want to suck it. You want it inside of you. You’re practically salivating at it! I know a faggot when I see one, and you’re a f**got now.

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