Mistress An Li – Your Ballbusting Girlfriend

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Duration: 7:31s
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You thought things would be so kinky and fun when you started dating me. You thought that as my slave, you would be worshiping my feet, giving my full body rubs, having me edge you forever and ever… You really had it wrong. What a silly little boy. Did you forget that this was a female led relationship? Did you forget that I make the rules and fantasies, not you? This was never about you. This was about me owning you. And me owning you means owning all of you in every single which way, no matter how much you hate it. Especially because you hate it. And I know you hate ballbusting… But you know I like it, right? And this is about me, right? When you entered into this particular kinky relationship, you gave up all control in a total power exchange, which means I can do whatever I want to you… And I want to ballbust you.

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