Mistress An Li – Whipped To Stripes Ft Bossy Delilah

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Duration: 13:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Bossy Delilah have a brave boy in tow, ready to take our whipping. We mercilessly whip his back and his ass, covering with him with the markings it takes to serve us while laughing our asses off the entire way. He’s going to take it no matter what because he wants to be a good boy, and that’s just what he needs to do. We push him to the ground, spread his legs open, and proceed to whip the delicate insides of his thighs. It’s an area that is frequently forgotten and oh-so-delicate – all the better to hurt him with. He wants to make us happy, right? So he’ll take the strikes of our singletail whips again and again, and he’ll take it because he’s a bitch. We spy a groveling slave #2 in the corner and call him over, putting his face deep in slave #1’s balls while taunting and teasing them about the thing’s they’ll do for Mistresses. We then pull both to the ground, making the two to have a breath holding competition underneath our generous asses. No breathing while our ass is on your face! Holding one’s breath is a bit difficult while your balls and thighs are being whipped, but a bitch has to do what a bitch has to do. We kick slave #2 out and proceed to torment bitch #1 some more, reminding him that he’ll take our beatings with pride and he’ll like it. It’s what he needs to do to earn his stripes.

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