Mistress An Li – Whip Practice

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Duration: 8:37s
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Whip practice time! I know you’re a weak bitch and absolutely hate this, but that’s why I’ve tied you to this bench. Either way, you can struggle as much as you want, but Daddy still needs to get her strokes in. I’m going to smoke a cigarette while I get started. Smoking and whipping just go together, don’t you think? And especially now that I’m wearing this all-leather outfit – thigh high boots, leather dress, opera gloves – how could I not? It’s a package deal. The sting of my whip and the burn of my cigarette butt are complementary sensations, I think. Either way, I know you abhor this so I enjoy doing it more! I’ll just run my burning cigarette embers over your ass and laugh at you squealing and struggling in between whip strokes. Oh! I just thought of a good idea. How about I put the lit cigarette in your ass cheeks and whip until I get the cigarette? Better clench your butt tight or else that cigarette is going to burn you as it falls… I love a good whip target practice. 😉

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