Mistress An Li – Vacation ATM

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Duration: 8:46s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s my spring break, bitches! I’m going on vacation, and you aren’t. Isn’t that funny? Of course, I’ll be spending a lot of money on vacation. It’ll be lavish because I deserve that. And do you know how I intend on funding my vacation? With your money, obviously. A Goddess deserves to get spoiled on her time off. I mean, look at me. I deserve your money. I deserve everything that’s in your wallet and then some. I deserve to be lying on the beach in my bikini draining through your money while you toil away. And isn’t the idea of me relaxing while you suffer away to fund my vacation so hot? Doesn’t it get you hard, knowing that you’re doing this all for me?

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