Mistress An Li – Triple Bagged Part I

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Duration: 12:39s
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Yes. Tonight is the night. Tonight is the night we actually fuck. Tonight is the night you get to feel my pussy wrapped around your cock, watching me on top of you bouncing on you in pleasure… Aren’t you so excited? I am. I want your cock extra hard for this. Extra horny, extra turned on. I want to see and feel how hard it is to get it ready for the action. But you know we have to be safe, right? Let me go grab a condom really fast. Safety first! How does that handjob feel with that condom on? On second thought, I think better safe than sorry. There’s no such thing as too safe, right? What about another condom? How does me jerking off feel now? Actually, I really want to be sure we’re safe. I’ll just put on this third condom on now. How does that feel? How do my lips feel on the head of your cock? How does my tongue feel on your shaft? How does my mouth feel around your dick? Doesn’t it feel so fucking good having me touching you with three condoms on?

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