Mistress An Li – Tricked At The Parlor

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Duration: 8:43s
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Thanks for applying to the massage parlor! I think you’d be a perfect fit. You seem quite eager and willing…and you’re just the right shape and size. I think I can do quite a bit with you. I have high expectations for my girls at the parlor. They need to work and toil hard to get their pay. They really need to learn how to please the customer. After all, the customer is always right! Oh, you’re asking why I said girls? It’s because they’re all girls. I know you think you’re a man right now, but don’t worry… I know what type of person you are, and I know you’re ready for some change in your life. After all, why would you apply at a massage parlor? You seem quite complacent and willing, and I see in a lot of potential in what you…and your body…can be. I think you’re quite wrong as a man. You’ll be so much better as one of my girls. You’ll learn to work like one of my girls, walk like one of my girls, talk like one of my girls…

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