Mistress An Li – Trapped And Trussed Up Pt II

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Duration: 12:17s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After that ever-so-delightful ballbusting earlier, surely you think things will be easier the second time around. That hogtie was so strenuous, and I’m sure you feel sore and tired. You were wrong. It’s not one of those days. I’m taking the stockings off your cock and releasing the CBT bondage, but only to torment you some more. I’m going to squeeze you out with the stockings and the nylons over your face, cutting off the oxygen to your brain via the major arteries in your neck. I’ll wrap my legs around your face, locking you in a tight scissorhold until your puny skull feels like it might explode from the pressure. I’ll put my hands over your mouth and nose until you’re struggling to breathe – but you can’t fight back because you’re so tightly restricted in rope bondage. Your hands are bound too tightly behind your back and your legs are immobilized in the hogtie to stop me. Try to breathe. Just try. Can you? And should I let you? Perhaps this will be your last time breathing. Maybe not. How generous do I feel today?

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