Mistress An Li – Toilet Ashtray

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Duration: 7:41s
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Human ashtray and toilet slavery. They go hand in hand. And why is that? Because there are a couple of things I like having in the morning. I like having my first smoke. And then I like having my first dump shortly thereafter. Something about that cigarette gets my insides going and gets me ready to have my first movement of the day. And you? You’re going to be the one to open up your mouth and eat it all. First, you’re going to sit here and watch me smoke, knowing exactly what’s going to come after. You’ll sit here while I leisurely enjoy this cigarette, blowing the smoke in your face, ashing in your mouth, and smirking at the meal you’re about to have. And second, you’re going to swallow everything the cigarette started and my ass leaves behind. Open up, bitch.

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