Mistress An Li – Tied To The Table Part II

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Duration: 8:26s
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When I finally decide to let my slave out of chastity, I’ve decided to make it entertaining for myself. He’s been locked up so long and hasn’t been touched during all that time, and my devilish hands can’t keep off of him. It’s so easy to get him so hard and close to cumming by edging him and keeping him just on the brink of orgasm… But you and I both know I won’t let that happen easily, if at all. I have way too much fun teasing and denying him again and again. He wants to cum so very badly that he’ll take nearly anything to reach that point, even if that means I hurt his balls again and again. With my hands and his cock and balls shiny and lubed up, I painfully grab him by the balls while giving him the handjob of his life, squeezing, pulling, twisting, crushing while edging him closer and closer. And then I begin the real pain. I slap him in the gonads just as he gets close, right when he’s at his hardest, right when I can feel the cum right there. I hit, slap, punch, and torment until his confused male body doesn’t know if it wants to cum and cringe. And just when he thinks he can’t take it anymore… well, you know where this is going. 😉 (Personal note

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