Mistress An Li – Thanksgiving Pig

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Duration: 9:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

‘Tis the season for Femdom Feasting! And like any good Mistress, I love a good long pig. Of course, the pig isn’t ready to be served quite yet. First, you must be trussed in bondage. Leather armbinders attached to your balls, and boots attached to your thigh cuffs should be enough to present your juicy rear to me. Then, you need to be tenderized – thoroughly beaten – until your flesh is pink and rosy enough to eat. And of course, an apple gag inside your little piggy mouth to top it all off! I want you to be presentable when the other Mistresses come to feast on you. I’ll start off by spanking your bum, just enough to warm you up and then some. I like feeling your skin grow hot against my palms as I spank your ass and watch you squirm. But a hand spanking isn’t enough. A bamboo kitchen paddle to wallop you should really tenderize your sweet bottom. Paddling you again and again and again… any good little piggy’s ass should be nice and red. But that’s just the beginning. There’s more to come, pig! You’re not cooked yet…

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