Mistress An Li – Teeny Weenys Secret

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After a couple of drinks, you were looking pretty cute, so I didn’t say no to going back to your place. I get so horny when I’m buzzed… But…what is that thing in your pants? You…you didn’t think I would actually fuck that, did you? Could I even fuck that thing? It’s so…it’s so small. Would it even penetrate me? Could I even feel it? I mean look at me – if I bent over doggy style, could your dick even touch my pussy? I didn’t even know cocks came that tiny. Are you jerking it off to impress me? Because it’s really not. Oh…wait…you’re getting more excited. I get it. You get turned on by this sort of stuff. You knew I was never going to fuck you, you knew that all women would be repulsed by your tiny like pin dick. You get off on this, don’t you, pervert? Well now that it’s out, I wonder if your load is as small as your penis. Come on, jerk it off, I want to see if your itty bitty dicklet will produce itty bitty cum.

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