Mistress An Li – Stuffed And Hogtied

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Duration: 10:39s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

A hogtied boy to play with at my disposal! And look at you with those hooker ballet heels on. It’s almost like you’re asking to be used. Don’t worry honey, I’ll make sure all your holes are stuffed. Let’s start off with a little bit of finger-banging to stretch out your holes. You know that I’m only doing that to fill it up with this anal hook, right? And to make sure that anal hook doesn’t go anywhere, I’ve selected one that will conveniently attach onto your balls. Wouldn’t want to leave that mouth of yours un-filled, either. I mean, I’ve taken away your arms, legs, asshole, and balls…of course your mouth was coming next. So open up and take Daddy’s cock. Suck it until I’m happy. You’re gagging on it? Good! That means you’re doing it well. Not that you have any choice, anyway. You’re all immobilized, and there’s nowhere for your mouth to go but around my big black cock. And when I’m done with you? I’m posting this all over the internet so EVERYONE will know just how much of a bitch you are. Because that’s what I like to do with my busted, used up whores. Kisses!

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