Mistress An Li – Stuck In A Bind Part I

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Duration: 8:58s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Silly little rubber bitch! You’re sure in a bind, aren’t you? Your head is fully enclosed in that leather sensory deprivation hood, your body is enclosed in a tight rubber catsuit, your upper body and arms are bound in a leather straitjacket, your feet are held in tight leather socks, and of course, your left leg is bent into a single frogtie while you stand perilously on the other leg! Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall – after all, your head, upper body, and right leg are all strung up. If anything, if you fall, you’ll be highly uncomfortable. How convenient that your cock and balls are on display and available for me to tease! With your legs strung open like that, there’s no way you could be shy and hide them from me. I can rub, grab, pinch, slap, and edge your manhood to my entertainment… It must be so frustrating to be in such a painful predicament bondage situation and unable to do anything about it. And of course, I don’t intend on giving you full pleasure…no, I will drag out the pleasure and suddenly stop it. Perhaps I’ll also push you around to throw you off balance. You must feel so vulnerable right now…just the way I like it! Let’s keep it like that. You, standing on the edge, very much being edged. What, did you think this was going to be easy?

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