Mistress An Li – Smotherbusting Part I

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Duration: 13:57s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

First, you’re bound in leather. A strict leather straitjacket to keep your arms held down, and legs spread open in a frogtie. Next, I stuff my dirty panties in your mouth. A bit of packaging tape to keep that gag secure. No need for you to talk. Just taste my worn underwear and hold your breath! Let’s not forget about your balls, of course. Some leather cord to string up your testicles in a bit of CBT bondage, neatly separating each ball into two separate little packages. Each tug of the string tightens the ball separation. Your balls on a leash. And finally, it’s time to sit on your face. With your mouth gagged, your only avenue for breathing is your nose…and it’s all too easy to take your breath away with my ass on your face. Did you think that facesitting could be this frightening? Did you not expect the claustrophobia you’d experience with your mouth gagged, your entire body bound, and your balls strung up? My ass is the arbiter of your facial destruction, and it’s oh so easy to make you into my scared little bitch. You didn’t think this would be easy, did you?

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