Mistress An Li – Smoking And Whipping

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Duration: 13:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Your back is a little too clean right now. I think it would look so much better red and marked up – and what better way than with a whipping? It’s been far too long since I’ve whipped you, as evident by your body. I’ll light up a cigarette and slowly smoke it, savoring the combination of whipping and smoking, whipping and smoking. Letting the cigarette dangle from my lips as I whip you again and again and again until your upper back is entirely marked up with my sharp leather singletail whip. Walking back and forth to examine my work, feel the warmth and swelling in your back, running my lit cigarette over the marks so you can feel my handiwork. And don’t let your hands leave the ceiling. If you do, you’ll get it worse. I know it’s difficult when the whip strokes seem relentless. It’s exhausting and painful. But darling, you look so much better marked up and whipped.

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