Mistress An Li – Small Dick Relationship

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Your girlfriend hasn’t fucked you since the first time you two got intimate around each other. She’s been distant, almost ignoring you. You wonder if it’s the distance – after all, you’ve been traveling for a while, and the two of you haven’t had that much quality time together. Or maybe it was the sex – was it not good enough? Or maybe it’s just the relationship itself. Maybe she’s seeing someone else. She’s been preoccupied everytime you two talk – is she texting someone else? Or maybe it’s…maybe it’s your penis. You’ve always wondered if your penis was small. Sure, it’s smaller than the guys in porn…but those are abnormally large penises, right? Most men don’t have cocks that size, right? After all, your girlfriend is a petite Asian woman. Surely she wouldn’t need a cock that big, right? Surely your cock is enough, right? The more you ask yourself this, the more you question yourself. One day, she sits you down and says she wants to have a talk. It sounds serious. You can tell she’s trying to be nice, like she’s embarrassed for you. It’s awkward for the both of you. But as she continues talking, you can tell she’s fed up with you…and your dick.

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